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At ET Management and Investments our mission is to build Generational Wealth for ourselves and our partners through Real Estate Investing.  We offer our partners opportunities to earn truly passive income, while ensuring their money is working hard for them and is secured against a stable tangible asset.​


We specialize in acquiring and managing properties using proven systems to ensure the safety of your investment. We have invested years into gaining specialized knowledge in creative financing, deal structure, and deal management to ensure our investors achieve maximum returns.


We are passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals, so Book your Discovery Call now so we can find a project to best fit your investing goals!


Who are we?

Eric and Tara Turcotte (aka The Turkeys) 



Thanks for taking the time to get to know us as investors…we know how much a good foundation is essential to a great long term relationship so we thought we’d share a little bit about our ‘business selves’ with you..

We are sure many of you can relate that life throws you curve balls. Over 12 years ago, health hurdles combined with family losses caused us to reflect on life and how, what and where we want to be and go in life. We decide it was now or never! Eric left his 25+ yrs. technician career behind and focused on building up our portfolio, managing our assets and of course raising our 2 boys. Make no mistake Tara still finds the time and energy to manage her full-time job and help in all our family and real estate endeavors. 

We are the co-founders of ET Management and Investments and have been investing in real estate together for over 10 years. We have experience in Buy & Hold, Secondary Dwelling Unit creation, building, and BRRRR. We have the drive, energy, and determination to reach our goals along with the ability to work, strategize, plan, build and hustle to create successful investments for both ourselves and those that invest with us. We have worked hard to develop a solid team of investor focused realtors, contractors, accountants, lawyers and mortgage brokers. We want to use this team and our experience to not only build our wealth, but also build the wealth of others.

Propelling forward, we are planning to buy and/or build accessible and energy efficient multi family unit in the communities that surround us. Provide safe quality homes for aging demographics that are still in an independent living situation and those that require accessibility now. We have aligned ourselves with developers that have the same mindset and visions as us. By partnering with like minded individuals that want this for each other we can build our wealth and create WIN WINs together! 

What Drives Us?

Our family! We are a family of 4 plus our animals! We have 2 boys, Ben and Ryan, they are both very active and love playing soccer, fishing, kayaking, and swimming!! When we are not working they keep us on our toes and have us tending to regular injuries! 


Knowing that we are building wealth not just for my kids, but for my kids kids…is incredibly motivating! We know that everyday, we are able to offer them knowledge and insight that we would never have dreamed of for us at their age!

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